Wii 2: More compact and less expensive

Shigeru Miyamoto be *LOL*'ing it up
The God on earth who has living Pikmin in his garden and a Bow Wow on a chain outside his front door to keep fan boys and sales men at bay that is Miyamoto-san, has already spoken on the successor to Wii. Many are already speculating that Nintendo will need to release one sooner or later. Saying that Wii 2 is premature would be an understatement. But it's clearly on Miyamoto-san's mind, as he had some words to say on the matter.
While we don't have any concrete plans for what we'll be doing with hardware in the future, what I can say is that, my guess is that because we found this interface to be so interesting, I think it would be likely that we would try to make that same functionality perhaps more compact and perhaps even more cost-efficient.
More cost efficient than what? The Wii!? Because I won't be buying into another system of Nintendo's if the graphics are only marginally better than the Wii's and Nintendo still refuse to go HD with it and sling in a hard drive. High definition output and hard disk space didn't seem like much of a necessity 3 years ago. But a lot can and HAS happened in 3 years. Consoles have hit a stage where HD, hard disk and unrestricted online play is now a norm. Almost a standard. So unless Nintendo keep up with the gaming Jones' and their HD loving - they WILL get left behind. I can't see them pulling out another paradigm shifting peripheral / gimmick that will be able to mask a systems shortcoming again.

Wii has done amazing to have penetrated the market the way it has and shift expectations. But Microsoft and Sony's systems are in full swing, with the triple-A software releases steadily rolling out. And all the while, nothing really substantial and head turning is releasing for Wii. Unless Barbie and the 3 musketeers, Scene it! and 101-in-1 party megamix floats your gaming boat.

I read over at endgadget that with New Super Mario bros. Wii the Wii processor is being pushed to the limit. Not Super Mario Galaxy 2. New Super Mario bros. Wii! That shit that looks exactly like the DS version. This sure bodes well for future titles...

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