Cosplay of the day: Chun-Li | China buffet

The real Chun-Li... | Cosplay of the day The Chun-Li cosplay... | Cosplay of the day [image used courtesy of Mike Boike]

Chun-Li's sex appeal has waned over the years. It all began when Capcom decided to throw in some slim little white girl from the UK who flosses from the front and back, delivers attacks which involve her legs being spread wide open and has a special attack list featuring the words 'drill' and 'thrust'. Capcom tried to reign it back with the Alpha series by removing Cammy at the start and having Chun-Li wear a figure hugging unitard. It worked...for all of 10 minutes. Then Capcom kept ruining the sexy by failing to settle on a consistent look for Chun-Li. Different stances, oversized legs, man faces and man hands over the years overshadowed Chun-Li's sexiness and managed to erase all thoughts of that shower scene from the Super Street Fighter II anime.

But thankfully there are cosplays to help the cause. Cosplays such as this one. A faithfully represented outfit and a sexy pose in the outdoors showing leg. God bless China.