The most amazing thing I've seen today: A guy re-dubs Street Fighter II.

Some guy decided to take a fight from Street Fighter II, re-dub it with his own vocals and then provide an acoustic rendition of the background music - Guy's theme no less.

Prepare to be slapped in face with awe and have desires for this guy to be your best friend / husband. Strike-through as appropriate.

Back when I was at school my friend and I were somewhat notoriously known for always beatboxing. It's pretty much all we did. And we used to spend evenings after school bea-boxing themes from games into my Fisher price tape recorder. I was dying to share that blast from my past with your for ages, but couldn't find the right time / context to do so...until now. Happy Tuesday everybody!

- The voices (and sfx) of SFII like you've never heard before, Capcom unity

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